Fine Line Arts Festival (formerly Raku Day)

JUNE 6, 2014! | 5:30 - 9 PM


On Friday night we will hold a special Opening Night ticketed event(limited to 50 people). Come socialize, enjoy a catered dinner, live music and participate in Fine Line’s first aluminum sand casting event. You’ll be able to make a tile or pin of your very own!

Fee: $50





More info to come soon!

9 AM - 3 PM
This is a great outdoor fun day for everyone! Bring the kids! You can make your own pieces to take home that very day.

Join us on Saturday, June 7, 2014 to experience a variety of hands-on art experiences, including:

  • The ancient art of Japanese Raku (pronounced rah-koo), a unique firing process [see more below]
  • Copper etching
  • Wet felting

More fun:

  • Lunch available for purchase: Ream’s brats and hot dogs with all the trimmings, Dairy Queen sundaes, and beverages
  • Live Local Musical entertainment
  • Demonstrations like papermaking, knitting, and blacksmithing

More about Raku: it is a philosophy, an attitude and a technique. This technique was developed and used by Japanese potters for making tea ceremony wares. We, in a way, have Americanized it into being more of a happening. Your day begins by purchasing a bisque (fired once) piece of pottery, experiencing the magic of glazing it, and watching it being fired. Our potters offer a huge variety of objects—vases, bowls, plates, containers, etc. at very reasonable prices, ready to be glazed. You buy your piece and then proceed to the glazing table where you can glaze it yourself or get a potter’s help. After glazing, you can enjoy watching your pot being fired in a small gas-fueled outdoor Raku kiln. After the kiln gets up to the proper temperature, the glowing molten pot is removed with tongs and placed onto a bed of sawdust and covered with a metal container filled with shredded newsprint. It will flame and smoke and sputter for a bit while the glazes will continue to oxidize. This is the magic time. With raku, even the most experienced potters are never quite sure how the pot will turn out. When the pot is removed from this chamber it is cooled down in a bath of cool water. Then you get to wash and scrub it with an SOS pad to enhance its luster.



Raku Day Images

Enjoying the DayOPEN HOUSE

Enjoy our open house while waiting for your piece to be fired. Purchase a completed pottery piece or other art work for that special person in your life celebrating a birthday, shower, wedding or anniversary. View our exhibit in the Kavanagh Gallery. See what’s new in our Dempsey Gallery or visit the Fine Line Shop.


Try your hand at papermaking, spinning, weaving, painting or other Fine Line activities. There is plenty to do and plenty to see.

Bring the kids to see all the magic and participate in the fun.

Throwing a Pot