Dempsey Gallery Items

The Dempsey Gallery

In the early years, before the Kavanagh Building existed, all of our shows and even some of our classes and workshops used to take place in the Dempsey Gallery located on the south end of the second floor of the barn. Denise Kavanagh, Fine Line foundress, named it after Lawrence Dempsey who so generously donated the barn and its almost four acres of land to the School Sisters of St. Francis.

After closing the upstairs to the public, we moved our display area to the first floor, adjacent to the shop and renamed this area the Dempsey Gallery. In it we display and sell the work of our Fine Line members.

A call for artists is continually done throughout the year. All entries are juried by Fine Line faculty. We've been showing members' work in the Dempsey Gallery since 2006.

OUR CURRENT EXHIBIT showcases the work of Barbara Dyche, Carol Kazwick, Ellen Ljung, BJ Parady, Mary Adrian, CJ Neihaus, Dagmar Klos, Jim Manna, Cory McCrory, Mary Merges, Jay Walsh, Georgia Schwender, Amanda Schleede, Kimberly Gust, Annie Kordesh, Susan Neri Waldron, Sabrina Cassidy, Connie Blieszner, Janet Broida, Kelly Johnson, Cherylyn Gnadt, Marcy Rogge, Laura Lamplough, Jennifer Chou, Heather Winslow, Martha Butler, Nancy Weill, Dan Winslow, Robin Kittleson, Lynn Caldwell, Louise Ioder, Laura Kochevar, Lynn Miller, Michele O'Reilly, Adam Robersmith, Beverly Weaver, Steve Mitchell, Linn Sorge and Dorie Blankenship.

If you're interested in completing an application, please view our Call for Entries. If you have any questions, please contact Alicia Ioder at

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM. Closed Sundays.